(Chika) is a designer ︎, researcher 🔍 and writer ✏️ exploring contemporary ways of living through design, direction and discourse. She builds 
visual identities for offline and online experiences
; regularly working on F&B 🍳 and architecture 🏡 projects 
across Southeast Asia and UK.

These include 
brand development for a quirky 🥐 bakery2021
 multigenerational 🍜 kitchen tools2019
retail space for an artisanal ☕️ brand2020
exploration of
material futures2019,
🍽 experience discussing alternative food futures2018
micro 🍰 shop (@boredom_bakery)2020–2022
architecture 🏢 book design
, identity for a global 💧 brand.

After completing a BA(Hons)
in Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins and a few stints in London, she is currently settled in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Chiquita is 
certified in Level 2
Food Safety & Hygiene 🚨 and
 is a 
member of Food Design Nation 🌏. 

Her works have been published 
in Lazy Susan, Fountain of Hygiene HK
Graphic Design School (7th edition)2020
and DIY Decadence with Bompas & Parr and Friends2020
. She has previously been nominated
for LVMH Maison/0 Green Trail Award2019 and taken part in Business of Design Week 2020
, Non SchoolMY,
Tate ExchangeUK,
Solidarity SporesKR,
Seek A SeekID,
and Arch:ID 2020ID

Portfolio, CV and collaborations
/ @chikakusumahadi
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